How We Setup Our Camp

Here are some pictures showing how we set up our campsite

Spring Camping on Troublesome Gap

We just spent a few days camping on the mountain. The weather was great. We enjoyed getting away from it all and spending time with friends

Troublesome Gap Honey is Here

Every year the bees make the trek up to the mountains where they spend a little over a month at Troublesome Gap. We have a campsite on Troublesome Gap. It is a remote area and the bees have access to sourwood and locust flowers. This gives the honey a unique flavor and color that varies each year depending on how soon or late the different trees and bushes bloom.

The honey has a crisp color and flavor. If you have camped on Troublesome Gap, adding a jar of honey to your pantry is a good way to bring home some of the uniqueness of Troublesome Gap and enjoy it all year.

Get your own jar here.